Emblems Mobile Legends Counter

Use Emblems to counter heroes at the beginning of the battle in Mobile Legends. Each Emblems will have unique uses that when used will help you fight different heroes.

Best emblems counter mobile legends

Anti Physical Damage
Anti Magic Damage
Firmness, Vitality
Anti Heal/Shield
Lethal Ignition
Anti Physical Damage
Anti Magic Damage

Anti burst Damage
Slow down attack speed

Weakness Finder
Slow down movement speed
Weakness Finder
Anti prolonged fighting
Brave Smite, Festival of Blood, Killing Spree
Anti lacks mobility

Firmness emblem is used against Assassin, Mage, Marksman. It increases both physical and magical defense for the hero using it.

Vitality emblem is used against Mages and heroes that deal magic damage. It increases HP of its user.

Lethal Ignition emblem is used on Mages to deal damage that burns the target’s health.

Rupture emblem is used for Assassins, it destroys the enemy’s physical and magical defenses.

Tenacity emblem will activate defense when health is below 50%. Tenacity resists explosive damage from Assassin, Mage.

Weakness Finder is used for Marksman. It is used to slow down enemy attack and movement speed.

In long fights, use Brave Smite, Festival of Blood, Killing Spree. They will help you heal and absorb blood during combat.

Agility is used against inflexible enemies.